Sorting it Out

Supporting Teenage Decision Making 

Written for adults who live or work with teenagers, this science-based guide describes how you can become a confident decision mentor. Learn to support young people in making good decisions for themselves. 

Decision making is an essential and learnable skill. Six decision-maker moves highlight the power and promise of young people as they shape their lives through the options they choose. 

Stories, examples, and practical tips show how decisions can shift from problems to opportunities. Each chapter provides practical, common-sense advice on when and how to talk with teenagers as they weigh up the often-conflicting values, emotions, and trade-offs affecting their choices. 

We cannot provide kids with all the answers, but we can help them as they navigate life-changing and everyday decisions. 

Published by Cambridge University Press, 2024.

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Robin Gregory is a grandparent, Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, and Senior Research Scientist at Decision Research. He helps families, communities, and governments worldwide (not to mention his own grandchildren) address difficult decisions involving diverse values and perspectives, uncertainty, and tough trade-offs. You can contact Robin from his site at

Brooke Moore is a parent, Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, and the District Principal of Inquiry and Innovation in the Delta School District. Throughout these roles, both professional and personal, she is motivated by a vision where all young people can move into adulthood with dignity, purpose, and options.  You can contact Brooke from her site at

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